Hello world!

So this is blogging! It's quite a scary thing for a wedding planner who is admittedly not the most technical when it comes to IT!

I wanted to write a few words about my journey so far with Sophisticated Weddings. Since setting up the business last year I have literally been on an amazing journey. I have met some fabulous people both in the UK and Italy and it's so incredible to encounter so many people who are willing to help others for no financial gain, just to help fulfil someone's dream! I have certainly been very humbled by the kindness of others!

The world of weddings is certainly a busy place! It's fantastic to every day be living through the excitement of making someone's dream wedding day a reality! I am blessed with the clients that I am looking after so far (I'm yet to encounter a bridezilla and let's hope it stays like that!) and equally blessed to have such amazing venues to offer to my clients!

Victoria x

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