Why use a wedding planner for your destination wedding?

A wedding planner is still considered a bit of a luxury in the UK, however for destination weddings it is something you really cannot do without! Of course I'm going to say that aren't I?! I just wanted to write a few words as to why I truly believe the job I do is so worthwhile.

Firstly, you may think that the planning is the fun bit and yes it certainly can be. There are, however, always the boring bits too! You may not get as much enjoyment from organising your transportation to and from the airport for you and your guests, as you would say choosing your wedding flowers! Being a wedding planner does not mean that I take control of everything, I'm just there to assist you and take care of those more menial tasks! Some of my clients are very active in their management of their big day and others less so - it really is your choice how you would like me to work alongside you.

Planning can be stressful! As we are working in Italy it's vital that I have vetted venues and suppliers properly and it's an essential part of my role to ensure everything meets your expectations. The Italians are fantastic to work with and always go out of their way to make our dream weddings a reality. It is a little surprising though that some of my contacts aren't as fluent in English as we might expect and it is pretty standard to wait a few days until an e-mail is replied to! One of my brides said how important it was to have good lines of communication, therefore a wedding planner who speaks English and Italian is essential.

Most importantly I help reduce your costs! I have worked hard building good relationships with the best in the wedding industry across the Amalfi coast. Discounts are made and are always passed on to my clients.

I take a great pride in what I do and treat each and every client as a personal friend. I'm looking forward to a busy wedding season :)

Victoria x