What to wear to an Italian Destination Wedding

It’s always difficult to decide on what to wear to a wedding, but an Italian summer destination wedding, ahhhh!?

As we know well, Italians are renowned for their sense of style and impeccable dress sense! It’s therefore vital for us ‘stranieri’ to make a good impression and feel as fashionable (and comfortable) as possible. So what to wear?? Here are Sophisticated Weddings Five Top Tips!

  • Avoid black and white


Black is still associated here in Italy with death and mourning, plus if you are attending a wedding at midday and you turn up in a black cocktail dress you are going to be, firstly hot and secondly feeling very out of place! White is strictly reserved for the bride of course!

  • Choose lightweight elegant clothing


If you are attending a summer wedding, especially in the afternoon, as we’ve said before, it is going to be hot! The last thing you want is to feel uncomfortable, sweaty and wanting to run back to the hotel for a shower and change before the wedding breakfast! Opt for lighter fabric and nothing too dark which will absorb the heat. Also nothing too tight! Italians, in my opinion, have a more formal/classic style so your shortest dress showing too much cleavage is not going to be well received! For the men, opt for a smart linen suit. Italian tradition dictates the men should always wear a suit, however this can of course depend on the dress code of the bride and groom and how formal they want their special event to be!

  • Accessorise


Choose beautiful accessories to accompany your outfit, to make you feel more glamorous and dig out that designer handbag to complete your outfit! This is the home of Armani, Gucci, Fendi and Prada let’s not forget!

  • Wear appropriate footwear


So we’re not recommending that you turn up in flat, frumpy, un-elegant shoes… but beware that places such as Ravello have a lot of cobbled streets and steps and tottering down these roads in your stiletto heels is not going to make you look as elegant as you may like! Plus if the ceremony is taking place in a garden setting, you’ll be sinking into the ground! Opt for some stylish wedges perhaps?! Or some pretty sandals that you can actually walk in!

  • Relax and enjoy!


Whatever you decide to wear, make sure you feel relaxed and comfortable! That way, when the music starts you can hit the dance floor feeling on top of the world! You’re in one of the most beautiful parts of the world… enjoy every minute!


Photos courtesy of Gianni Di Natale www.giannidinatale.com