Wedding Make-Up – Why you should hire a make-up artist for your big day!

On my most recent trip to Sorrento I sat and had a coffee with my good friend and recommended make-up artist Jimena Puy and we were naturally chatting about weddings and wedding make-up.

A couple of things she said really made me think of the importance of recommending her services to my clients.

All brides want to look their absolute best on their wedding day, as they are naturally going to be nothing less than a celebrity for the day. A lot of thought and money undoubtedly goes into the best bridal gown, shoes, jewellery and photographer to capture their natural beauty, but often their face is left with the same make-up that they would wear on a daily basis.

These days there is so much product choice when it comes to foundations, concealers, eye make-up etc but a true professional make-up artist always knows the best products to use to suit your individual look! As a bride, you don't want to try and create a new look yourself and to be unrecognisable, at the same time you need to have enough make-up subtly applied to ensure it with-stands the heat and of course the flash of the camera!

The flash from a camera reduces how make-up looks dramatically.  What you thought was a natural look changes into a no make-up at all look. You also need to watch out for products such as moisturisers, foundations and powders with an SPF that create a white ghostly effect on your face when flash photography is used - so your face will not match your body colour. Eeeek indeed! Other products can affect how shiny your skin appears in your photos.

Many of us (myself included) play it safe when it comes to make-up and use the same colours, products and techniques every day! A professional make-up artist is trained to look at what colours and techniques are needed to enhance your best features. They also have the best products and tools such as professional make-up brushes, that would cost us a small fortune to buy ourselves, readily available!

Also on the day itself, what better way to know you've got a professional creating your fabulous look with no effort required at all on your part! Professional wedding make-up artists such as our lovely Jimena, are very much used to working to a schedule and ensure that the bride and bridal party are made up in plenty of time!

I now believe that building your make-up artist into your budget is essential! You can look back on those beautiful wedding photos and smile knowing that you looked truly incredible in every way!

Victoria x