How to pick your perfect first dance song!

The first dance... for some the mere mention of these words fills them with dread and for others they simply cannot wait to rehearse and execute a fully choreographed dance routine to wow their guests! So which are you? And how do you decide on which first dance song to choose?

Instead of looking Untitled-1through lists of songs, have a think about the type of song you wish to dance to in front of all of your guests. Do you want it to be romantic or fun? Lively or emotional? Once you have decided this it may be easier to narrow the choice down! Here are our top tips to ensure you pick the perfect song!

1. Think about which artist suits you both. It's often difficult for a couple to agree on something if they have different musical tastes but try to find a style of music that is fitting for you both as a couple!

2. Think about the meaning of the lyrics! Everyone can relate to different songs at different points in their lives, is there a song that reminds you of your loved one from when you first met or from a happy moment you shared together before? Remember that this will be the song that will forever remind you of your special day!

3. Think about how you are going to actually dance to the song! It's all very well choosing your favourite heavy rock song but are you actually going to be able to dance to it?!

4. Make sure the song you choose can be played (and played well) by your chosen band - if you are having a band! The last thing you would want is a badly rehearsed version of your favourite song ruining the whole effect.

5. And finally... if the whole thing just makes you cringe and you don't like the idea of people staring at you, then choose something fun where your guests can join you on the dance floor! Whatever song you choose you need to remember the most important thing is to have fun, relax and enjoy yourself!

V x