Elope to Italy


Today more and more couples are now opting for elopement weddings. The word ‘elopement’ has actually changed in its meaning over the years and no longer refers to young couples sneaking off to tie the knot. Now it’s more about small, intimate weddings with just the bride and groom or a very small bridal party, pre-planned or just spontaneous.

The charming location of Ravello on the Amalfi Coast in Italy is a super popular and fashionable place to do this and we delve into the reasons why…

1. Cost
With the average wedding setting us back $35,329 (£26,800) in 2016 (according to The Knot) many couples just simply cannot afford to part with this great sum of cash, preferring to invest in property and setting up home together.

2. The Italian Dream
Many brides we have worked with tell us how getting married in Italy has always been their dream; however sometimes the logistics of getting all family members to come, especially elderly relatives, can often be difficult and stressful when planning.

3. Ravello - the perfect setting for an elopement wedding
Sitting in an elevated position above Amalfi, Ravello is a peaceful and charming town which retains an air of refined glamour and enchantment. Ravello is famous for its’ incredible views and gardens and offers an incredibly romantic setting for your perfect day.

4. Planning is simple!
You don’t need to concern yourself with table plans, favours, floral arrangements for the reception… everything can be taken care of very easily for you, with the help of a great wedding planner who knows the location inside out and you can have the exact day that you want, not the day you think others expect of you!

5. No Guest List worries
With many friends and family members wanting to bring the whole family to your destination wedding, the cost starts to spiral. Many clients start with a guest list of 40 which soon becomes 80! With just the bride and groom to consider, with an elopement wedding there are no concerns about adding on family members whom you haven’t seen for a long time!

6. You can have your dream bridal gown (or keep it simple)
With an elopement wedding you can choose to have the perfect wedding attire to suit you without worrying about traditions and what may be expected of you. ‘I once saw a beautiful Australian bride who eloped to Italy and she wore the most incredible wide leg white trousers with a lace top, with bright red lips and incredible shoes. It was her own individual style and she looked absolutely stunning’ says Victoria.

7. You can choose an exceptional photographer and videographer and combine a ‘First Look’ or a pre or post wedding shoot
With the money saved in having an elopement wedding, why not invest in the services of the best photographers and videographers available. Ravello is THE most stunning location in which to shoot photographically and it’s wonderful to be swept away down the cobbled side streets, ensuring that your photos and video have a real flavour of Italy! Many couples are now opting to do a ‘First Look’ before the ceremony and working with Pure Creations photographers Rob and Sarah Jones, we have also had the opportunity to do amazing pre and post wedding shoots combined with the big day. A true opportunity to feel like a professional model for the day! These photos and your video can also be shared with close friends and family when you get home.

8. You can choose a 5 star hotel
Considering all of the money you have saved on the wedding itself, why not treat yourself to a 5 star experience! Ravello is home to some of the most exclusive, world famous, 5 star hotels in Italy.

9. You can combine your wedding and honeymoon
Following your incredible elopement wedding you can move on from Ravello for your honeymoon and explore other areas of the coast such as the very famous Positano or Sorrento.

 10. A great start to married life
With the wedding focussed just on the two of you, an elopement wedding puts no stress on your relationship. Getting married is just as it should be; about the exchange of promises between you, without any worries about the intricate details, dramas and formalities of a typical wedding day.


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