Destination Weddings in Italy – 5 frequently asked questions!

1. Help! Is getting married in Italy expensive? 

As with any wedding, it’s expensive as you want it to be. I am always as excited and happy to help couples with smaller budgets as I am couples with larger budgets. My service levels will always remain the same! If you have a limited budget then you can still plan an incredible day with all of the vital components included if you opt for smaller guest numbers, but if you are looking to have 50+ guests for under £5000 then obviously we are going to struggle!  My advice is drop me an e-mail, tell me what you have in mind and I’ll help you piece things together, working within your budget. Never be worried to chat things through with me, it’s free initial advice and it’s what I’m here for!

2. What are we expected to pay for?

Generally speaking most brides and grooms are only required to pay for the ceremony and reception which includes food (formal or informal dining), some drinks, entertainment and decor. Guests cover their own accommodation and travel costs as many guests often like to combine the wedding with their own holiday! Some clients have organised pre or post wedding meals, pizza parties etc but this is not a prerequisite.

3. What’s the best way to transport my wedding dress for my destination wedding? 

It’s a question that I am asked frequently. Ideally plan to carry your dress as hand luggage in a garment bag within a small case or specialist box. Ensure that upon arrival you hang the dress up immediately to try and alleviate any creasing that may have occurred. Consider having it steamed upon arrival if it is particularly creased, you want to feel amazing on your big day!

4. How can I stop my family inviting people or people inviting themselves?

Maybe before the save the dates start to go out, tactfully have a chat with your close family members and establish the numbers with them. Some people will assume that they are invited but it’s better to be honest from the offset to avoid an uncomfortable situation further down the line. Just explain that it is a small affair and maybe consider having a party on your return to include other friends and family.

5. Should we prepare a gift list? What’s the etiquette?

Be mindful that people will have already spent a considerable sum to join you on your wedding day in Sorrento/Ravello/Positano. You may decide to opt for wording along the lines of ‘your presence is our present’ although there are some who consider it poor taste to address anything about gift-giving on your invitations.